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          Accepted Memories
                                      Second in the Sycamore P.D. Series

Ten months later, someone is attacking women in Sycamore.  Then the attacker leaves a note saying Alison is next.  This brings Alison and her brother's best friend, police detective Stan Becker, together as he tries to protect Alison.

Stan has secretly loved Alison for ten years.  He works with his partner, Grant, and their sergeant, Sonia Nordstrom to protect Alison and catch the attacker.  

 Stan and Alison each try to deal with the attacks, their past, and then with each other.

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The Sycamore P.D. Series

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           Lost Memories
                                    First in the Sycamore P.D. Series                     

Grant, a police detective has problems with his sergeant, solving two murders and his growing attraction for Kelly.

Kelly never knew her father, now Harry is dead and she never will.  She searches for meaning in her life.  Being partly crippled in a car collision at the age of twelve, she struggles to be a fully functioning executive. 

Then Grant comes into her life. Grant and Kelly each try to deal with all they have lost individually and then together.

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       Resolved Memories
                   Third in the Sycamore P.D. Series

A year later, Detective Lieutenant Sonia Nordstrom is trying to solve a series of murders when Wayne Newcomb almost becomes one of the victims.  Wayne is still trying  to resolve his feelings for his dead father who abandoned him over twenty years ago.

Wayne is still pursuing Sonia.  Can he change enough for her finally to give him a chance?

Can they come together in time to solve the murders?

Copyright © T. E. Killian -- Christian Author


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     Sarah Thompson married Air Force pilot Harry Newcomb and left her children, Grant and Alison with her sister, Sybil while they went on their honeymoon.  Harry told her family that Sarah had been killed in a car wreck in Europe while on their honeymoon.

     Now, twenty years later Sarah Thompson Newcomb is very much alive and suffering from amnesia for all that time.  Her husband, Harry, is killed in Afghanistan and she comes back to Sycamore, AZ with Harry's orderly, Leo, to be with Harry's family not knowing that she had any family of her own there.  All of these people are thrown together by the mystery surrounding Harry's death.  How do they each deal with their lost memories and with each other?

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