A Better Solution
                               Second in The Crowley County Series

Sheriff Floyd McCracken doesn't like headstrong bossy women like Sue Ann Vickers.  But deep down he is a very lonely man who is searching for something he doesn't even know he's looking for.  His little cousin Jo keeps telling him that he loves Sue Ann.  Why doesn't he know that if it's true?

Sue Ann Vickers doesn't like grouchy, pushy bullies who are always telling her what to do like Floyd McCracken.  But deep down, has she always loved him?  That's what Jo keeps telling her too.

Now when danger engulfs them and threatens to take away someone close to both of them, will they be able to come together to survive?

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               No Easy Solution
                               First in The Crowley County Series

Gil Turner is over educated and under experienced to take the position as pastor of First Baptist Church  as well as being a city slicker.  Shortly after he arrives, he discovers that the last pastor fought to close the bars and was forced to leave...and that the church has been about to split for several years.

Jo Early is the reluctant owner of a heavily mortgaged bar in town, which she inherited along with her fourteen-year-old sister when her parents died two years ago.

Now, Gil and Jo are forced to join in a struggle against someone who is threatening them both.  Can two so different persons ever be more than friends, especially when Gil's zany mother and her equally zany twin sister come to 'help' them out?

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                                                               The Crowley County Series

                               Join the people of Crowleyville as they face the challenges of small town life while struggling to welcome an  

                                      influx of newcomers.

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                 Another Solution

                                 Fourth in The Crowley County Series

In the last book of the series, Jason Walker is a sergeant with the county sheriff's department.  He has been in love with Karen Bierstadt for a year but she has held him back because she needed to get over being literally left at the altar three years before.

Now, Karen is finally ready to give Jason a chance but things happen in both their lives to hinder their building a relationship.

With the help of Jason's granny, they come together only to be pulled apart as they both have to face dangerous adversaries before they will ever have a chance to be together.

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Copyright © T. E. Killian -- Christian Author

Not My Solution Coming Soon

             The Only Solution

                            Third in The Crowley County Series

Mike Bates, former DEA agent, is now confined to a wheelchair thanks to a bullet lodged near his spine.  Six months later, does he still have enough determination left to fight to walk again?  

Daisy Thomas is still reeling from tragedy in her life from three years ago.  Can she let go of the past and look forward to the future for her four-year-old daughter's sake?

When outside forces threaten them, they must help each other in ways neither one would ever have dreamed.

Can two suffering people come together to help each other heal?

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