Crisis Intervention

Suicide Prevention

When a problem or situation becomes overwhelming to the point that a person is thrown totally off balance, this is called a crisis.  The manner in which a person reacts to this "temporary" state of mind will determine if they are in need of help.

If the person is determined to be in need of help, then it is crucial that help be administered promptly and firmly.  The human mind cannot sustain itself indefinitely in a crisis.  Relief must come soon,one way or the other.  If relief does not come in the nature of help then the person will often resort to violence either to himself or to others.

Suicide is an unpleasant fact!  Each year more than 33,000 people in the US kill themselves.  These are only the ones that are reported.  Many attempted suicides are not recorded.

It is extremely important that everyone know what to look for in persons who may be suicidal.   This book helps you understand suicide (myths, why, signs, behavior), and how to help yourself and others.   There are many Bible passages used to give hope and encouragement  to the suicidal person.

Coping With Stress

Stress is everywhere!  We do not have to do anything to find it.  It will usually find us.  How we handle that stress is the key factor in determining our well being, both emotionally and physically.

Even though stress is so common, too many people don't know where it comes from, and most of all how to cope with it.  Those who do know about stress have varying definitions and methods of coping.

Stress can kill.  I am sure you have heard that saying a time or two.  As quaint as it is, it is true!  I'm not just talking about those who decide they can't go on with all the stress they'reunder and attempt suicide or actually do it.

Learn how to cope with stress the Godly way.

Relational Self Help Collection Vol. I

This collection includes:

  •   Beware of Abusive Behavior
  •   Controlling Your Reactions
  •   Planning Communication

Planning Communication

The most difficult thing that two humans can attempt is to communicate.  No, not talk, communicate!  Most relational problems are either caused by or aggravated by a failure to communicate properly. 

Learn how to do just that, communicate.  See how much better your relationships will be.

Communication is the sharing of information from one person to another is such a manner that both the sender and the receiver will have exactly the same understanding of that information.  It is meant to be a communion of sorts between the two, resulting in an understanding on both parts with appropriate action being taken.  There can't  be just speaking and listening, there must be action.

Communication is important in all relationships.  When we are successful in communication, we will be understood by others exactly the way we meant to be.  Everything we say should be acceptable to God.  When it is acceptable, we can achieve communication.

Controlling Your Reactions

We all know how to plan our actions, but we aren't always able to carry them out as we had planned.  That is because things happen that we don't plan, and those things cause us to react.


We can be successful in planning our actions in advance but something or someone can come along and place something unexpected in our paths.  Our reactions to these unplanned events, tell others much more about the real persons that we are than any planned actions we ever accomplish.

This booklet is written so that we can learn how to turn to God and be able to better plan our reactions as well as our actions.

Beware of Abusive Behavior

Abusive behavior is one of the most difficult types of behavior to correct, because, many times, it is more of an attitude than behavior.  The behavior is simply a result of an attitude, often instilled from birth in an individual, and he or she knows no other type of behavior.

This book contains two parts:

   Part One is for the abuser to show him or her how their behavior is damaging others, and also how he or she can change that behavior. 

   Part Two is for the abused person to show him or her how to stay out of an abusive situation, and also how to get out of an abusive situation once in it.

Learn how to know if you are about to enter an abusive relationship.  If you are already in an abusive relationship, learn how God wants you to get out of it.  If you are an abuser, learn how you can become free of your abusive behavior.

Conquering Grief

Grief is one of the most devastating of all human emotions, and it is also one of the most misunderstood by most people.  That need not be the case.  Grieving should be a time where we smoothly adjust to all the changes in our lives that the cause of our grief has brought about.  Knowing more about grief can not only help you to make that smooth transition, but will equip you to help others to do so.

Grief and grieving do not just happen when there is a death close to you.  Grief can be caused by any major change or loss in your life.  This could be relationships, job, health, or divorce to name a few of the most common.

This publication is for anyone who is going through the grieving process.  It is also for anyone who needs to help someone else go through the grieving process.

Part I  is Understanding Grief

Part II is Stages of Grief

Part III is Helping Yourself Conquer Grief

The following self help books were written to help people through various relational problems.  The first three books each deal with one relational problem or you can purchase the collection Vol 1.    The fourth through sixth book each deal with one relational problem or you can purchase the collection Vol 2.  The seventh book is a guide to help couples get their marriages on track with God's will.  The last book was written for pastors and other church leaders to feel comfortable counseling their parishioners/congregates in most of the basic relational problems.

The books can be purchased for Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, Smashwords or Google Play

Relational Self Help Books

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Basic Counseling for Pastors

and Other Church Leaders

Are you a pastor or other church leader who would like to counsel but are afraid you can't do it?  This book is for you!  It will help you get over the fear of counseling and help you to counsel most people with most of their problems.  It will also help you to know when to refer them to someone more qualified.  Learn about grief, suicide, abuse, communication, forgiveness, and more.

Relational Self Help Collection Vol. II

This collection includes:

  •   Coping With Stress
  •   Crisis Intervention/Suicide Prevention
  •   Conquering Grief

Building a Godly Marriage

Do you want a Godly marriage?
     Here is a guide for couples to be able to get their marriages on track with God's will and keep it there. This is accomplished by looking at every aspect of the marriage relationship and showing by using numerous Bible passages, not only what God wants a marriage to be, but also how He expects us to go about it.
     Building a Godly Marriage is not meant to be the answer to all marital problems. It is intended to be a guide for couples to be able to get their marriages on track with God’s will and keep it there.
     This book shows, by using many Bible passages, not only what God wants a marriage to be, but also how He expects us to go about it
     Premarital Counseling is one of the most important steps a couple can take when they contemplate marriage. It should be done before they even set a wedding date, before they order invitations. This is because the author feels that many marriages should never happen. Yes, that’s a bold statement, but it is true too many times to count. Too many couples who come for counseling never should have gotten married in the first place.
     Learn how to determine if the person you want to marry is the one God wants you to marry.