Stillwater Mystery Series

          Suspicious Coincidences

        Dangerous Consequences

        Subtle Persuasion 


 The Crowley County Series


          No Easy Solution

         A Better Solution

        The Only Solution

         Another Solution


 The Sycamore P.D. Series


          Lost Memories

          Accepted Memories

          Resolved Memories


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The Clear Creek Series

         Ryan's Ruin

         Chase's Return

​         Hunter's Revenge

The Walking Together Series


​             Walking Straight

             Walking Away

             Walking The Line

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The Bear Creek Series

       Greed's Reward

      Pride's Deception

      Fool's Profit

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Logan's Way Detective Series.

          Out Of My Way

​        On The Way

        All The Way (Coming November 2018)

The Rookies Series

        Looking Up

        Looking Good

​        Looking Out