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     Titus and Philemon

​     James

​     Jude     

Relational Self Help

     Beware of Abusive Behavior

     Controlling Your Reactions

     Planning Communication

     Collection--Volume I

     Coping with Stress

     Crisis Intervention/

          Suicide Prevention

     Conquering Grief

     Collection-Volume II

     Building a Godly Mariage

     Basic Counseling for Pastors

            and other Church Leaders

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Addiction Recovery

    Victory over Gambling

    Victory over Gambling Workbook

1st Responder Books


    Crisis Management

    Leadership Training

    Stress Management

    Suicide Awareness

    1st Responder Supervisor Guide

With God all things are possible.

The Easy Study Bible

     New Testament 

     New Testament Diagramed

​     Revelation


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