Logan McKenzie is a police detective sergeant who does things his way with his own “rule book.” Logan’s partner retired 6 months ago and he is determined to work alone. He has no use for stuffed-shirts or Feds. He avoids all female cops, if he possibly can, until a certain female DEA agent comes to work with him

Logan is trying to shut down a large drug operation in his hometown of Lakeland, Arizona. He wants to do it all by himself and his way but is forced to accept the help of DEA Special Agent Samantha Farley. Sam has been a federal agent for 20 years and is able to persuade Logan to work with her.  Sam not only helps him but she also saves his life … more than once.
Logan begins to grudgingly appreciate Sam and her help. However, a drug lord has put out a contract on Logan.  It not only affects him but Sam and Logan’s daughter.

Can Logan and Sam work together (without hurting each other) and shut down the drug operation and keep him alive in the process?


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Third in Logan's Way Detective Series

Coming November 2018

First in Logan's Way Detective Series

All The Way

Out of My Way

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On The Way

Logan's Way Detective Series

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Second in Logan's Way Detective Series

An adventure/suspense novel series that is action packed all the way from beginning to end.

Logan McKenzie is a police detective sergeant who does things his way with his own way, Logan’s way.

In Out of My Way Logan met Samantha Farley when she was a DEA special agent. They clashed at first but finally, they worked together to take a drug lord down.

Logan is back and so is Sam but now he’s the captain and she’s retired from the DEA and is one of his sergeants. Lakeland PD will never be the same with the two of them working as partners in the detective bureau. Will Logan continue to try to do things “Logan’s Way” even when Sam disagrees with him?

On the first day in their new positions, they hit the floor running. A congressional candidate is murdered at his kick-off rally. Political pressure to solve the case quickly starts on them immediately.

Did one of the four high-profile political suspects do it or is there another suspect? Complications occur when a waiter is found shot. Was this death associated with the first murder?

Will Logan and Sam be able to work together as partners to solve both murders?

This book will keep you in suspense as to who the “real” murderer is and why the candidate was killed.