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As a pastor, I have watched many Christians (not just new Christians either) struggle to better understand what God is saying to them through His Word.

I started doing this process more than twenty years ago when I was teaching a new member class at my church. As it turned out, I started out with eight adults who were all either totally new to studying the Bible or they were not the strongest readers. Therefore, both groups were having a difficult time understanding the Bible.

So, I began by placing the verses of each lesson in a diagram form. When that proved to be helpful, I then began to take the Greek words and defined them so they could understand the different meanings that each Greek word could have when translated into English.  Therefore, this is the approach I have taken with this new Bible commentary series. 

The result was that the class soon became the largest class in the church and we all (especially me) learned a great deal about God’s Word in the process.  

 First is the Easy Study Bible Translation, then the Easy Study Bible Diagramed and finally the Greek Paraphrase.

In my many years of Bible study, I have found this arrangement to be the easiest to follow and understand.

I use this method whenever I study any part of the Bible, whether I’m just studying for my own enrichment or to teach it to others. It helps me to understand each passage well enough to apply it to my life as well as to help others do the same. This makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable for both my students and for me as well.

Dr. Trennis E. Killian

I know not what the future holds,

but I know Who holds the future.

     Inspiration verses and commentary are taken from

The Easy Study Bible, The Easy Study Bible Diagramed 

            and The Easy Study Bible Commentary.