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Some of the people of Bear Creek:


Blake Thornton is 6’3” tall and 28.  He was a ranger in the Army.  His goal is to be able to build the ranch up enough so they can discontinue their hunting guide service.  He is a person who has to think things out before speaking.   

Kirby Thornton is 6’4” tall and 26.  He is very outgoing and talkative.   He is a partner is the ranch and hunting guide service.
Reggie Thornton is 6’0” and 30.  She is outgoing and talkative.  She attended ASU but returned to the valley to help with the ranch and hunting guide service.

Dixie Gordon is 27.   She is originally from Tucson. She attended ASU where she met and married Dan Gordon.  Dan left Dixie four years ago, shortly after the twins, Sara and Sheila, were born.  Dixie and the girls moved to Bear Creek to manage The Thirsty Bear bar and grill.  

Dan Gordon is Dixie’s ex-husband who has returned to Bear Creek.  Does he want his half of the bar?

Buck Freeman is 57.  He is Dixie’s uncle who cooks and helps run the bar.  He and his wife Nellie live with her in a small three-bedroom house next to the bar.

Daniel and Naomi Gordon, Dan’s parents, live in Bear Creek.

Bud Brown owns the other bar, Bud’s Place, in Bear Creek   He is trying to get Dixie closed down by various ways.
Robin Beck is 25. Her fiancé had been killed in Iraq shortly before the wedding was scheduled. Her mother died of cancer several years ago. She and her dad, Hershel Beck, run the local grocery store and gas station.

Hershel Beck, father of Robin, is 51. He runs the garage and gas station while Robin runs to the grocery store next door.

Marcia Beck, cousin to Robin Beck.  She looks very much like Robin with long blond hair and blue eyes.  Marcia has an ex-boyfriend who is very possessive.

Preston Carter is former fiancé of Marica and is now stalking her.

Perry and Terry Beck, twin cousins of Robin Beck.  Perry talks a lot and is kind of pushy.  Terry smiles a lot and more easy going.

Betty Beck, cousin of Robin Beck.  She has always been a loner and even seemed a little depressed.

Mary Lou Turner is the first/second grade teacher at the school.

Chip Greenis 6’2” tall and 32. Moved to the valley when he was in sixth grade. He was a ranger in the Army.  He is now deputy in Bear Creek.

Marcia Paterson is 30.  She is an old girlfriend of Chip from when he was at the academy in Phoenix ten years ago.

Megan is Chip’s 9-year old daughter.

Movie People
         Actors & Actresses:    
Rand Hollister, Kaitlin O’Brien
J. C. McLean
         Head of Security:  
Dave Murphy
         Production Assistants (PAs):
Guy Long, Craig
         Camera & Lighting:    
Wally Moore

Willa is a little old lady

Spot is a black and white mid-sized dog

Meet the people of 

The Bear Creek Series

Get to know and love the Bear Creek people as they face challenges of life.   Bear Creek, Arizona is generally a quiet place to live up in the mountains away from all the big city crime. This is about to change as threats are made, people are being shot at, men are murdered, and someone is staying at the old Ghost Town. Is that “someone” a killer/shooter?
Blake Thornton along with his older sister, Reggie, and younger brother, Kirby, own a ranch in Bear Creek. In order to pay for the expansion of their herd, they have started a hunting guide service. Most of these clients/hunters want to hunt bear or mountain lion.

This series has adventure/suspense that is action packed all the way from beginning to end.


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