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The Easy Study Bible


    Finally, a Bible translation that is easy to read, understand, and study.  You will find this translation to be as close to literal as possible to the original languages  while still preserving proper English grammatical structure.  The Easy Study Bible is a result of my twenty-six years in the Gospel Ministry, and from being a high school English teacher before that.

      Many times over my early years as a pastor, I would grow frustrated in my efforts to teach the Bible for understanding to church members who didn't understand the basics of Hebrew and Greek.  True, some passages jump out at anyone reading them, no matter which translation they use.  My goal has always been that all who read the Bible would not only understand it the way God intended for them to but also to be able to apply each truth to their lives.  That, I think, takes greater understanding.

      When I began teaching a Pastor's Sunday School Class in the early 1990's, I searched for a way to help my class understand better. I felt this was important since the class started out as a "New Member's  Class."  Too many new Christians become frustrated at their first attempts to study the Bible.

      Well, the answer came to me from my English teacher background.  Do you remember when you had to diagram sentences in your English classes?  Please don't run away screaming yet!  I know.  They were usually painful experiences.  I felt the same way when I was a student. 

     If you can get past the painful memories, please think about the finished product.  Once you diagramed a long complicated sentence, it became much more clear to you.   You could understand what was modifying what, and what the action was and what or who was causing it.  In other words, it made the sentence much more understandable.

     That is what I began to do with the Bible passages we studied in that class.  I took the principles of the sentence diagram and adjusted it to fit verses of the Bible.  Immediately, the whole class began to gain a better understanding of each passage we studied.

      The Easy Study Bible Diagramed New Testament is unique in that it is arranged in a diagram form which allows for easy identification of each of the points being made in any passage.

     You will find either translation of The Easy Study Bible to be   good for Bible Study, sermon preparation, or just easy reading for better understanding of the Bible.

      All of the New Testament books have been translated and diagramed.  You may choose to purchase the individual book of Revelation.  The book of Revelation includes both the modified diagram format and also in the paragraph format.




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