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Do you have a gambling problem?  You can take this workbook and work your way to freedom in Christ.

Do you know someone with a gambling problem?  Give them a copy of this workbook so they can work their way to freedom in Christ.

Part 1 of this workbook describes what compulsive gamblers go through to become compulsive.  It also includes two case studies which show the two different types of gamblers going through the stages of compulsive gambling.

Part 2 of this workbook goes through the entire program step-by-step so that a compulsive gambler can work himself or herself through to victory in Christ.

The entire program  is built on Bible passages which show the gambler where to go next and how to get there.

Millions of people suffer the devastating effects of compulsive gambling.  They fall into this trap without being aware of it.  Sometimes what starts out innocently turns into a desperate effort to avoid financial ruin, keep their families, their jobs, and even their lives.

This book will give you hope as you see how Christ can provide a way of escape from seemingly hopeless circumstances.  Dependence on Christ will bring victory over compulsive gambling and even save lives.  This books trains any capable Christian to lead a compulsive gambler through the steps to achieve victory in Christ.

Learn how someone can go from never gambling to the point where they are about to give up, get arrested, or commit suicide.  Learn how to lead someone out of the depths of compulsive gambling to freedom in Christ.

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