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​​Victory Over Gambling

Victory Over Gambling Workbook


Trennis has been an Army Medic, high school English teacher, pastor, hospital chaplain, crisis counselor, police chaplain, and pastoral counselor. Over the past twenty five years, he has counseled hundreds of people for many different relationship problems and addictions

All of these occupations have helped him to understand how men and women build and keep relationships or how they can repair or destroy those relationships.  He has also observed how people interact in all kinds of situations and has a firsthand knowledge of how people live and act within each of those types of situations.

Therefore, his characters take on the characteristics and personalities of people who work in all of the occupations he knows so well. Having been in many crisis situations, over the past thirty plus years, he can write about them realistically.

He and his wife, Ann, live in Black Canyon City, Arizona, where he writes full time.

  The Easy Study Bible




​Titus and Philemon



       Self help Books


Conquering Grief

Crisis Intervention/Suicide Prevention

Beware of Abusive Behavior

Controlling Your Reactions

Planning Communication
Building A Godly Marriage

Coping with Stress
Basic Counseling for Pastors and other Church Leaders

The Easy Study Bible

          Translated by Dr. Trennis E. Killian

New Testament

New Testament Diagramed





The Sycamore P.D. Series
     Lost Memories
     Accepted Memories
     Resolved Memories

The Crowley County Series

     No Easy Solution

     A Better Solution

     The Only Solution

     Another Solution

     Not My Solution

​     Our Solution

The Clear Creek Series

     Ryan's Ruin

     Chase's Return

     Hunter's Revenge

The Walking Together Series

     Walking Straight

     Walking Away

     Walking the Line

The Rookies Series 

     Looking Up

     Looking Good

     Looking Out 

The Bear Creek Series

   Greed's Reward  

   Pride's Deception  

​   Fool's Profit

Logen's Way Detective Series

   Out of My Way

​   On The Way

​   All The Way

Stillwater Mystery Series

​   Suspicious Coincidences

​   Dangerous Consequences

   Subtle Persuasion 


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