First in Stillwater Mystery Series


Suspicious Coincidences

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An adventure/suspense novel series that is action packed all the way from beginning to end.

Copyright © T. E. Killian -- Christian Author

Stillwater Mystery Series

Julie Cantrell finally made detective sergeant, and everything seems to be falling down on her head both professionally and personally.

Gary Bradshaw is the new pastor of First Baptist Church and everything seems to be falling down on his head both professionally and personally.

Julie doesn’t trust pastors and Gary can’t get past her hard-as-nails demeanor.

Julie has to deal with those in the police department who didn’t want her to get the promotion, especially the detective that everyone thought would be promoted. Her first week starts out with chaos. A council women’s house is burglarized. Julie’s ex-husband is filing for custody of their ten-year-old daughter. The church, the one place that Julie promised never to go again, is also burglarized. Assault and murder become part of the overall mix of problems.

Gary encounters problems from the time he arrived at the church. He has to deal with six argumentative deacons, a custodian who won’t talk to him and a secretary that seems to know everything about everyone. Gary has to worry about the church burglary. His ten-year-old daughter, who is confined to a wheelchair, is very unhappy about the move and is making it known to him.

All of these circumstances force Julie and Gary together. But what can they do about it? Can they help each other both professionally and personally? First, they must see each other differently than they did at their first meeting. Can they? 

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